About Us

Our history started in Moradabad in 1940 where our grand fathers had established their businesses with the name of Praja store by manufacturing the metal cutlery as a brand name of ASMA STEEL and metal Handicrafts as well. Our fathers belonged to the same clan as they had blood relation.The second generation carried out the same business by developing it into variations, and exploring  the international market, the  third generation doing the same metal business.                 

Now Faraz Malik his brothers and father emerged from family business and established a new company on a special once in a century palindrome day 11.11.11. That is EXIM 11 inc . is a company started with the Vast amount of experience of three generations and an educated,talented and dynamic team. EXIM 11 inc is a leading & world renowned manufacturer & exporter of metal gift ware , house hold and garden decor items.